CANSA, Agricultural Machinery was established in 1983 yılında kurulmuştur. Since its inception “Quality Products and Services” ato get its fame domestically and overseas without compromising the understanding is

Our goal is to produce the best

We target the highest standard for our products and services. Our machines go through research, design and development, assembly processes.

We are passionate about our business

We put ourselves in the place of our customers while producing our machines. We are committed to our business with a good motivation and dedication.
And with our age, the need for technological innovation with a modern infrastructure at the required level CANSA being conscious would be possible to make production
m2 open space
m2 open space
CNC laser cutting, CNC plasma cutting, CNC lathes, fully equipped machinery, expert staff with continued production in Ceyhan, at the service of agriculture

The door to the world from Ceyhan

CANSA of agriculture machinery,
creating a significant percentage of the export production, particularly in Europe, is delivering its products to Turkish Rebuplics and African countries.

All of our products have Cukurova University Faculty of Agriculture Experiment Reporting. Our company is certified Qualification CE and TSE. We manufacture products Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, CANSA offers our dealers and our factories can ease supply; new breakthroughs in the future as in the past with you with quality and technology
understanding will do.